Letter to Tobin re Nowicki’s Perceived Bribe

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The sly tone of voice combined with his unexpected and uninvited persistence in discussing Adam’s attending St. Vincent College made me suddenly aware that Nowicki never intended to discuss the copycat crime or anything else regarding the problems at Serra Catholic. My perception was that he was essentially offering me a bribe — to send […]

The Prophet

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[Webmaster’s Note: At the age of 19, Rembert Weakland joined St. Vincent Archabbey on September 23, 1946. Weakland was later elevated to Archabbot of Saint Vincent Archabbey (1963-1967), Abbot Primate (1967-1977) and Archbishop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1977-2002). According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a deposition released in 2009 reveals that Weakland shredded reports about sexual […]