Cardinal Arinze & Archbishop Chaput to Visit

According to the 2012 edition of the Annuario Pontificio (Italian for Pontifical Yearbook), H.E. Francis Cardinal Arinze is scheduled to visit the St. Vincent’s Archabbey in April of 2013 as part of the “Year of Faith”. Cardinal Arinze will be encouraged to cancel his proposed visit until Archabbot Douglas Nowicki is held accountable for his misconduct. Archbishop Chaput, […]

Open Letter to Archbishop Gregory

Archbishop Gregory, Grace and Peace to you. I respectfully direct your attention to my previous correspondence addressed to you with respect to Archabbot Douglas Nowicki, and the lecture, which you gave at St. Vincent seminary on November 27, 2012. The significant readership of the Misconduct in Latrobe website will no doubt view said lecture with […]

Open Letter: Update on the Brownfield Estate

It is regrettable to have to highlight yet again the mismanagement of the Archabbey estate by Archabbot Nowicki. It is my understanding that many monks of the Archabbey are deeply ashamed of the unnecessary pugilistic litigation conducted by Archabbot Nowicki in the name of the Archabbey with respect to the estate of the late Annette […]