Carr Email to Archabbot Nowicki

Archabbot Nowicki, I refer to your telephone conversation with Mr. Getty this morning, which resulted in the gentleman circulating an email to all the recipients of my previous correspondence. A copy has been forwarded to me. One can only speculate that you strenuously denied the allegations of misconduct that have been made against you.

While I respect your right to attempt to vindicate your name, the inconvenient fact remains – you are currently subject to a canonical investigation being conducted by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, as a result of the canonical denunciation submitted by Mr. Robert Flummerfelt, on behalf of his client.

The authenticated paperwork attests to this very simple put very harsh truth. Please do not be so churlish, by continuing, to lie, to Mr. Getty.

Archabbot Nowicki, I have been quite deliberate in my methodology. There are very exacting procedures that a Notary Public must follow within the jurisdiction of England and Wales. They are of a much higher standard than those required by a Notary Public in the United States, thus the veracity of the documentation and allegations are not in dispute, but please do feel free to get your lawyers to draft a response to the Power of 32.

Regrettably, your denial is deeply illustrative of your sophisticated cover-ups at the Archabbey, which very soon: Br. William D. Benthall, Mr. Paul Homick and Fr. Becket G. Senchur will be forced to attest in a forum of my choosing.  Almost forgot Br. Nicholas Koss.

Returning to the allegations for the benefit of those not familiar with the procedures of Canon Law, which Archabbot Nowicki you are not, given your need to utilise Monsignor Mark L. Bartchak, now Bishop Mark Bartchak in the past.

Unless you produce, a Decree from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life signed by BOTH the Cardinal Prefect, H.E. João Cardinal Bráz de Aviz; and H.E. Joseph W. Tobin, C.SS.R. Archbishop Secretary; with the Decree bearing the rubberstamp of the Dicastery, with its authenticity attested by a priest notary, the allegations against you stand.

Should that Dicastery exonerate you – their decision could be subject to an appeal to the Apostolic Signatura; until the Apostolic Signatura issue a Decree in same format as outlined above – you remain an accused priest.

These are the Norms of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the canons of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, both of which are applicable to you, widely available for all to see on the Internet. For those interested Canon 1717 and Canon 1722, are pertinent. Canon 1722 does not allow you to celebrate the Eucharist in public or allow you to represent yourself as a priest.

Let us look at the excellent examble of The Most Rev. David A. Zubik, Roman Catholic Bishop of Pittsburgh who stood aside immediately when accused. The investigation exonerated him, with his standing and reputation significantly enhanced. In contrast, you did not step aside when accused, as required by law, perhaps due to the protection of the local Bishop of Greensburg. Is this why you gave the $100,000 to the Diocese of Greensburg, despite so many monks at the Archabbey deeply reluctant and resistant to you doing so.

Archabbot Nowicki, please remember, you are not a Bishop, you are just a priest with jurisdiction, as defined and limited by Canon Law over monks who are members of the Archabbey by virtue of solemn monastic profession. That is the limit of your jurisdiction.

By virtue of ancient privileges, by your election to the office of Abbot, the Congregation for Religious has jurisdiction over you, but remember you are just a priest, who has the right to wear a mitre, a ring, a pectoral cross, and carry a crozier, but you ARE subject to the Norms of the Dallas Charter, just like every other priest. By virtue of your office, you are NOT above the law.

Returning to the allegations against you; you are now duty bound to make a public declaration of your guilt or innocence, by publishing the Decree of the competent Dicastery. If you have not been exonerated, Church law requires you to immediately step aside until you are exonerated, and do so immediately. If the Decree has exonerated you; please indicate if the matter is being appealed to the Apostolic Signatura.

If the Congregation for Religious has not required you to step aside, this is purely an OVERSIGHT. The Dallas Charter remains applicable. The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life does not have the authority or the jurisdiction to grant a derogation from the Norms of the Dallas Charter.

Otherwise, the Church stands credibly accused of not having followed its own law, when the allegations of sexual misconduct were made against you as a priest. May I again remind you, that you are not a Bishop, just a PRIEST.

Thus, these actions/oversights now legitimately allow organisations such as SNAP to accuse the Church and the Archabbey of hypocrisy and cover-up. The greater good of the Church now requires you to make a public declaration in a completely transparent manner. Behind the scenes denials are no longer acceptable. People do not need to listen to your blandishments, they require hard evidence, which you should have no problem in providing if you are innocent. With an alacrity that can only be described as alarming, you wilfully and deliberately violated Pontifical Seal in the past, as recorded in a police report, so you should now not be fazed by making public the Degree from the Congregation. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has repeatedly called for transparency, please now follow his sagacious counsel for the good of the universal Church..

The Bishop of Greensburg is aware of these allegations and his failure to remove your priestly faculties to minister within the Diocese of Greensburg, remains is deeply puzzling, or does it. Perhaps, it can be explained again by your pledge of $100,000, over five years to his capital campaign; can this explain his inertia.

Archabbot Nowicki, when you communicate to the Power of 32, perhaps you could you also inform us about Fr. Becket G. Senchur. Let us see what the District Attorney of Elk County, had to say about your “OLD FRIEND” Fr. Senchur within the attached affidavit made in a private capacity.

Archabbot Nowicki please explain to the Power of 32, the presence of Fr. Becket G. Senchur, O.S.B., a monk and priest of St Vincent Archabbey at this fetishistic gay leather festival, while listed as a monk and priest in good standing at the Archabbey. This was the priest you had in charge of the “young” at the Archabbey as novice master/vocation director.

[Webmaster’s Note: Mr. Carr requested that Fr. Becket G. Senchur’s title be corrected (from “novice master/vocation director” to “junior master”) in the online version of this email.]

The District Attorney of Elk County, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Mr. Bradley J. Kraus attested in an affidavit made in a private capacity that positively identified Fr. Senchur in the attached photograph.

You knew about this photograph in 2008; I can prove it, and like the other allegations of sexual misconduct made against of the monks at the Archabbey, you did nothing. Please explain your inertia to the Power of 32.

District Attorney’s normally do not make affidavits in a private capacity, which could be ruinous to their professional standing. For anybody who wishes to confirm the veracity of the affidavit, enclosed are the contact details for the gentleman concerned:

Archabbot Nowicki please deny that property at 798 Tubman Road, Brewster, MA 02631 purchased by Fr. Senchur in 1994, while a monk with a solemn vow of poverty, with a mortgage of $91,000 registered to the property on 30th of April 1996; with said mortgage discharged on 17th of August 2001, with Fr. Senchur been granted a Declaration of Homestead on 18th of January 2002 did not come from funds from St Vincent Archabbey. What did Fr. Senchur know about you that did not move against him? One hazards to speculate.

A monk of the Archabbey is willing to make a sworn affidavit that he has very strong reasons to believe that the money did come from the Archabbey. He has spoken to me privately, so please publicly deny or confirm this allegation. Another monk is willing to make an affidavit that one financial controller (Bursar) of the Archabbey stated that you Archabbot Nowicki were absolutely amoral when it came to money. Is that why you sued the estate of Annette Brownfield for $850,000? What did you do with the $850,000 that was paid into your personal account from the Brownfield estate?

So we are clear at all times during these time periods Fr. Becket G. Senchur, O.S.B., was listed in the American Cassinese Benedictine Ordo, as a monk and priest in good standing. Thus, his actions were a direct contravention of his vow of poverty as a Benedictine monk, and completely immoral for a monk was a vow of conversion of life. The public manifestation of the worst kind of institutionalised hypocrisy, I would say.

Any allegation that I make against you and/or the Archabbey, can proved by documentation in my possession. As previously communicated, I am very happy for you to bring an action under any legal head of claim you wish against me. Again, I remind you that you need to seek the consent of the conventional chapter to commence any litigation involving me, as required under the Constitutions and Statutes of the American Cassinese Congregation, with said statutes limiting the exercise of your abbatial jurisdiction. Your days of acting unilaterally are over.

Moreover, my offer of a choice of jurisdiction still remains: the High Court in London, which would be very convenient for me, and/or Westmoreland County Court, in Pennsylvania.

As I have communicated before, I want you to sue me, I want the world to know what a hypocrite you really are. Your exercise of the abbatial office is an effrontery to all who follow the monastic vocation; to all who hold the abbatial office and exercise pastoral governance in a monastery accordance with the Rule of Saint Benedict.

The greater good of the Church now requires you to make a public declaration in a completely transparent manner. Behind the scenes denials are no longer acceptable. People do not need to listen to your blandishments, they require hard evidence, which you should have no problem in providing

With an alacrity that can only be described as alarming, you wilfully and deliberately violated Pontifical Seal in the past, as recorded in a police report, so you should not be fazed by making public the Decree of the Congregation. Let us see it NOW.

If you make public the Decree, you completely disprove and discredit everything I allege about you. You could sue me and take everything I own, but in doing so it would validate that a credible allegations of sexual misconduct has been made against you; along with the fact you are currently subject to an investigation by a Dicastery of the Roman Curia for an allegation of sexual misconduct. It’s a difficult decision, but I will leave it to your canonical advisor and your attorneys to advise you accordingly. Either way it’s a poisoned chalice.

If you do make the Decree public then you are a sexual predator, a hypocrite and a liar; so I rest my case, as I will have proved my allegations, which will be validated by a Decree of the competent Dicastery resulting in you being canonically removed from your office as Archabbot. Either way, your days at the Archabbey are numbered.

Archabbot Nowicki, my counsel to you is to remain silent, which would your first honourable action in a very long period of time.

Otherwise, see me in court and lose, may I again remind you, that I have all the paperwork in my possession to prove every accusation/allegation.

Until you resign, I will continue to highlight your misconduct. Just remember what Jack Gruber said about Patrick Marker and myself in your office; he was right, and we have been extraordinary busy, digging up the dirt on you. Personally, I would save the Power of the 32 from the ignominy of being associated with you by resigning from the organisation immediately.


James Carr


Referenced or Supporting Documents

Becket Senchur Mortgage

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