Affidavit of Former Student re Porn (4/1/2011)

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With regard to what was revealed by me in confession l can incontrovertibly state that Fr. Mark Gruber has never violated the sacramental seal, but rather he has defended it to the point of jeopardizing and losing his teaching career, and to support being wrongly accused of canonical delicts that he has not committed, and […]

Fear and Loathing at St. Vincent College

I attended St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (hometown of legendary golfer Arnold Palmer and once the home of Rolling Rock beer). When I was there, 1963-1967, it was a decent liberal arts college, about as liberal as a Catholic school could be. Keynes ruled the economics department. When the monk who taught Anthropology decided […]

Protecting a Punished Professor

When most of Saint Vincent College’s tenured faculty members voted last year to criticize President James Towey’s management of the Benedictine college, most professors were so nervous about retribution that few were willing to discuss their concerns in public. The Rev. Mark Gruber was an exception, and he may be paying a price for that […]

Too Catholic, Even for Many Monks

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Whining and grumbling is frowned on at Benedictine institutions like Saint Vincent College. Benedict of Nursia, the Sixth Century cleric whose guidelines for living daily life underpin the philosophy of the Roman Catholic order, characterized “murmuring” — the sort of internal bickering and in-fighting that all too often characterizes academic life — as immensely disruptive […]