Towey Under Fire in Florida

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In one such letter, a copy of which was sent to The Ave Herald, a professor and department chair writes about how his efforts to prepare students better for class sessions and tests “are undermined by an unwritten understanding that the faculty will assign grades within a certain range so as to maximize retention. This […]

Open Letter to Archbishop Gregory

Archbishop Gregory, Grace and Peace to you. I respectfully direct your attention to my previous correspondence addressed to you with respect to Archabbot Douglas Nowicki, and the lecture, which you gave at St. Vincent seminary on November 27, 2012. The significant readership of the Misconduct in Latrobe website will no doubt view said lecture with […]

Police Report re Gruber (August, 2009)

Over three years ago, Pennsylvania State Police officials seized a computer “in a large open room” outside Father Mark Gruber’s office. Prior to the seizure, Father Mark Gruber was interviewed by two members of the Pennsylvania State Police. Father Mark Gruber asked that his superior, Archabbot Douglas Nowicki, be present during the interview.

Rev. Mark Gruber’s Letter to District Attorney

District Attorney Peck, The undersigned writes to apprise you of a potential misdemeanour under Pennsylvania State Law, and by virtue of this letter of notification, wishes to ensure his personal compliance with provisions enacted under Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law (Pa. C.S. ss 6301-6319, dated May 28, 2007) [hereinafter referred to as the statute] within […]

Suspended St. Vincent Professor Drops Suit against College

A Roman Catholic priest and professor at St. Vincent College, suspended for allegedly downloading child pornography on a school computer, has dropped a defamation lawsuit against the school and diocese officials after undergoing a nine-hour deposition by college attorneys.

Looking the Other Way

When last we left the saga of the Rev. Mark Gruber and Saint Vincent College, the monk and professor had been barred from the campus and stripped of all his duties after college officials accused him of downloading child pornography on a computer outside his office that many students and staff members used. Local police […]

Saint Vincent College and the Illusion of Pedophilia

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It has now apparently become public that more than one individual had come forward and admitted to planting pornography on his work computer–pornography that would later cost Father Mark his job and standing as a priest. We should keep in mind that the now-resigned College president, James Towey, is a former Bush White House insider […]

Priest sues diocesan, college officials for libel

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A priest at St. Vincent College filed a libel suit Friday in Westmoreland County against officials of the Greensburg Catholic Diocese and St. Vincent College, alleging they falsely accused him of being a pedophile even though he was exonerated by state police.

Fear and Loathing at St. Vincent College

I attended St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (hometown of legendary golfer Arnold Palmer and once the home of Rolling Rock beer). When I was there, 1963-1967, it was a decent liberal arts college, about as liberal as a Catholic school could be. Keynes ruled the economics department. When the monk who taught Anthropology decided […]

Protecting a Punished Professor

When most of Saint Vincent College’s tenured faculty members voted last year to criticize President James Towey’s management of the Benedictine college, most professors were so nervous about retribution that few were willing to discuss their concerns in public. The Rev. Mark Gruber was an exception, and he may be paying a price for that […]

Too Catholic, Even for Many Monks

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Whining and grumbling is frowned on at Benedictine institutions like Saint Vincent College. Benedict of Nursia, the Sixth Century cleric whose guidelines for living daily life underpin the philosophy of the Roman Catholic order, characterized “murmuring” — the sort of internal bickering and in-fighting that all too often characterizes academic life — as immensely disruptive […]