Father Dan Ward and Saint Vincent Abbey

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[Webmaster’s Note: Despite a recent report to the contrary, Archabbot Nowicki’s “go to guy”, Father Dan Ward of Saint John’s Abbey in Minnesota, has been under investigation for sexual misconduct since October of 2012.]

Father Ward’s role at Saint Vincent Abbey:

Father Dan Ward is regarded by the monks at Saint Vincent Archabbey as the American-Cassinese’s highest canonist who helped draft its special congregational law adapting to the Dallas Protocols. Father Dan Ward has guided all the American-Cassinese houses in general and Saint Vincent Archabbey in particular regarding general law and concrete cases. Undoubtedly, Father Dan Ward helped American-Cassinese President Abbot Timothy Kelly cover up his [own] crimes long enough for Abbot Kelly to cover up Archabbot Nowicki’s molestation of a junior monk and falsify Archabbot Nowicki’s reelection. Father Dan Ward’s career  is a centerpiece of American-Cassinese criminal and canonical corruption. Father Dan Ward is essential to Saint Vincent Archabbey’s misconduct, and I think most monks at Saint Vincent Archabbey would agree. – American-Cassinese Monk