Feedback: St. Vincent Removed from Alum’s Will

Patrick, thank you for your e-mail dated April 25, 2013 in which you speak about the demand from SNAP for Fr. Nowicki to step down as Archabbot at St. Vincent Archabbey.  To say that I was surprised is putting it mildly.  I also read your first posting on the website regarding David Hemmerling with interest.  

I also was very upset by the posting of Kim Metzgar’s note.  In reading it, it was evident that there were several exaggerations regarding Fr. Mark Gruber’s case, all of which inflamed me even more.  

In previously rewriting my Will, I had specified a bequest to St. Vincent upon my death.  After reading your updates on the website, I sent an e-mail to my attorney stating that until she should hear otherwise, if I pass before adjusting said Will, no bequest should be made to St. Vincent. 

I have also read other postings on the Internet regarding the Church and its cover-up of child molestations, some of which have insinuated that Pope Benedict was more aware of the incidents than the public was led to believe.  One article went so far as to state that his retirement to an apartment in the Vatican insured his “protection”.  This too was a bit shocking, but sadly wouldn’t surprise me.  

I believe that this is enough for now.  Please keep the postings coming.  I still pray for justice to prevail.

The more I think about what Nowicki has said and NOT done, the angrier I become.  His arrogance and defiance is contemptible and loathsome.

Thanks again, and may the Lord guide you in your investigations.

St. Vincent Alum
May 23, 2013