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I want to thank you for posting what you did regarding [Becket Senchur] … I am glad that it has at least made it to some public forum, as this is a larger piece in the sad situation at St. Vincent. … I am well acquainted with their humanity and capacity for denial (a trait that is necessary in order to remain sane in a vowed circumstance when it degrades as it has at St. Vincent).

It appears to be quite arguable that the congregation is systemically flawed, as is evinced by its inability to put a check on potential abuses of this sort. … Although many at the abbey might wish that “all of this nasty business would just go away,” it will only begin to clear with complete conversion to the Truth – nothing short of that will suffice.  

A small measure of courage – a mustard seed of faith – would allow for significant healing and spiritual growth.

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