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Dear Web Page Admin, Nowhere is the culture of denial so entrenched than St. Vincent Archabbey. The tyrannical regime of Archabbot Nowicki has reduced the monastery to utter turpitude. The best and brightest were exile, marginalized or destroyed; the dullest and dumbest were elevated to positions of office in college, seminary and formation. The Archabbot simply had to find men dimmer than himself to prop himself up, and that was no small task. Trouble is, men of that caliber simply cannot maintain the institution. The seminary is on the rocks; the college is on the skids; monastic formation is abysmal and depressed; the monastic chapter is moribund and utterly uninformed or misinformed. Nothing short of a papal visitation can save St. Vincent. Too bad that the Archabbot has spent his entire tenure currying favor in Rome.

With Chris Donahue’s financial backing (read the misguided philanthropist on SVC’s BOD who fed his own children to the Baal Moloch of Fr. Marciel’s Legionaries of Christ) Nowicki, Wuerl et alia operate unimpeded under the darkest curia cover. Their only method: “development” ($) their only motive: pride. No one should easily doubt that the entertainments of such souls lie in the range of the perversities they cover up for the guilty or otherwise accuse the innocent. If the institutional Church will not meet the challenge of this incredible abuse so massively evident to the lay faithful then at least the truer Church of believers can read your web site and be enlightened and protected.

By the way, you invite readers to come forward who have been abused; especially ask for those who suffered abuse and the pains of cover-up from the 1980’s program at St. Vincent College called “New Directions” to contact you. Monks were involved. Some are still alive and functioning around students.

[Name Provided but Withheld]