Message Via Web Site #3

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Dear Editor, I went through St. Vincent College and received a decent liberal arts education. My friends and I see that it is going down hill, and we are withholding our donations. It seems that alumni donations are substantially down nowadays, so the word is getting out. When I read your web site it all rings too true. The dumbing down of the College seems to proceed from the Chancellor/Abbot. His moral lapses are catching up with him and his institutions.

But to those who think that the SVC board of directors will challenge him, I regret to say they will not. They are not trustees, but merely advisory, serving at the Archabbot’s pleasure. Nor will the monastic chapter save St. Vincent. It is cowed under the Abbot. Your web site does serve a good purpose: When these institutions fail, the members will know why. You informed them and they preferred ignorance and fear.

[Name Provided but Withheld]