Open Letter to Archbishop Gregory

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Dear Archbishop Gregory,

On November 27, you are scheduled to give the 4th annual lecture of the Saint Benedict Educational Foundation, at St Vincent College, Latrobe, at 11 am. Respectfully, are requested not to give this lecture, as your presence will further legitimise the sexual deviancy of Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, the current Archabbot of St Vincent. Appreciating that this notification may be somewhat late, you should perhaps consider insisting that under no circumstances should Archabbot Nowicki be anywhere in the vicinity of the lecture hall, for the reasons to be outlined hereinafter. Attached are a number of attachments, which you are invited to carefully consider.

The posting on the St Vincent Archabbey website [ View ] advertising the lecture draws our attention to the fact that during your tenure as President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, said conference implemented the ‘Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People’, which has been egregiously violated by St Vincent Archabbey and the American Cassinese Congregation, with an alacrity that can only be described as alarming.

Your Excellency, will note that the letter from the Congregation for Religious, evidences that Nowicki’s serious sexual misconduct has been known by said Dicastery for well over a year, as Mr. Robert Flummerfelt’s letter is dated October, 5, 2011.

The letter from Vatican City, dated 16 December 2011, signed by Fr. Sebastiano Paciolla, O. Cist. Undersecretary CONGREGAZIONE PER GLI ISTITUTI DI VITA CONSACRATA E LE SOCIETÀ DI VITA APOSTOLICA, shows beyond doubt that said Dicastary, has known about Archabbot Nowicki’s sexual misconduct for nearly a year, and has done NOTHING. This is not supposition on my part, but is clearly evident from the letter sent by the Congregation for Religious. So, we now have irrefutable evidence of the most egregious cover-up of Archabbot Nowicki’s sexual misconduct by the late Abbot President of the American Cassinese Congregation, with the complicity of several Dicasteries of the Roman Curia. A serious allegation I recognise, one I do not make likely, but one based upon the evidence in my possession.

Just like a previous Archabbot of St Vincent, Rembert Weakland, when Archbishop of Milwaukee, paid $450,000 to keep his gay lover silent, along with admitting in a deposition under oath during a deposition that during his tenure as Archbishop allegations of sexual misconduct made against clergy were routinely shredded. Institutionalised recidivism is endemic at St Vincent Archabbey.

Archbishop Gregory, given that you were a recipient of a registered letter, which has been attested to by a Notary Public in the United Kingdom, it’s surprising that you accepted and/or agreed to give this lecture at St Vincent, given the seriousness of the matter contained in my correspondence to you earlier on this year. While I accept that you may not have personally read the letter, it is a matter of deep concern that the contents of said letter will not brought to your personal attention by officials within your Archdiocese.

Additionally, please refer to the link on the Village Voice Website to see Fr. Becket G. Senchur, O.S.B., a monk and priest of the Archabbey of St Vincent, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, who was positively identified in an affidavit made in a private capacity by the District Attorney of Elk County. Fr. Senchur, who incidentally had been absent from the monastery for a significantly longer period of time than permitted under the Code of Canon Law, even when this delightful photograph was made, so now we have pictorial evidence of misconduct, and egregious violations of Canon Law and the constitution and statutes of the Cassinese Congregation at the Archabbey.

Monks from the Archabbey, and priests from the Diocese of Greensburg was willing to make affidavits affirming that the person outlined in the affidavit is in fact: Fr. Becket G. Senchur.

Before you give your lecture please seek an explanation from Archabbot Nowicki, as to how and why, Fr. Senchur was permitted to purchase a house in a salubrious part of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and further Archabbot Nowicki to explain; how was the mortgage on said property was paid off paid off in five years. The property register for the county, where the property is located, clearly evidence these facts. Again all these events occurred, while, Fr. Senchur appears as a monk and priest of the Archabbey of St Vincent in good standing in the American Cassinese Ordo.

Readers of the Misconduct in Latrobe webpages will be very interested in the explanation proffered by the Congregation for Religious, as to the reasons, why Archabbot Nowicki did not step aside, when the complaint of serious sexual harassment against Archabbot Nowicki was referred to said Dicastery in October 2011. As the Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, you may wish to supplicate said Dicastery to commence an Apostolic Visitation. Moreover, a letter from you to this Dicastery would have greater significance, given your historical statements about sexual misconduct in the Church, and your supervision of the USCCB during a particularly torrid and turbulence time in American Church history.

So we are clear, the record shows, the following events are not in dispute, as evidenced by documentation:

§ Due to the consistent allegations of a cover-up by the late Abbot Kelly, President of the American Cassinese Congregation, and the manner, in how, he exonerated Archabbot Nowicki, (Abbot Kelly is an alleged sexual predator, subject to a posthumous lawsuit for sexual misconduct with young altar boy’s);

§ the systemic procedural deficiencies in the original investigation that led to the exoneration of Archabbot Nowicki, were constituent factors, which resulted in the canonical denunciation to the Congregation for Religious.

Egregiously the Congregation for Religious, now for over a year, has been happy to let a sexual deviant act with impunity, and the freedom to offend again. That Dicastery IS AWARE that the complaint against Archabbot Nowicki precedes the Fr. Mark Gruber saga at St Vincent Archabbey. Moreover, two professors at St Vincent College, will confirm, with one of them prepared to make a sworn statement that the complainant was being harassed by Archabbot Nowicki, a year, before the Gruber saga exploded onto the scene. Therefore, the version of events given by the incumbent Abbot President of the American Cassinese Congregation, Hugh Anderson, is nothing more than a tissue of lies, from a duplicitous, two-faced, hypocrite. Harsh words, but true nonetheless.

It is regrettable that the Ordinary of the Diocese of Greensburg, Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt, who has copies of this documentation has not removed the priestly faculties of Nowicki to function as a priest within his canonical territory. Even more evidence of a cover-up, again, which can be proved by evidence in the possession of Mr. Patrick Marker.

Archbishop Gregory you should be aware that the allegations made against Nowicki, particularly the pinching of the former Junior monk’s buttock, satisfy the definition of an assault within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Therefore, it is, and remains inexcusable that Archabbot Nowicki remains a member of the Board of Directors, the Extra Mile Foundation, chaired by the Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, which oversees scholarships to disadvantaged children of colour in the Pittsburgh area.

In light of this correspondence, and the enclosed attachments, you are respectfully requested not to give this lecture at St Vincent College.

Your Excellency, I have listened to some of your lectures on line, particularly your talk on the death penalty at the Emory University School of Law, which was an eloquent and perspicacious overview of this deeply contentious subject.


James Carr



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