Open Letter: Update on the Brownfield Estate

It is regrettable to have to highlight yet again the mismanagement of the Archabbey estate by Archabbot Nowicki. It is my understanding that many monks of the Archabbey are deeply ashamed of the unnecessary pugilistic litigation conducted by Archabbot Nowicki in the name of the Archabbey with respect to the estate of the late Annette Brownfield.

Regardless of the legal merits of the case, Nowicki’s actions were completely indefensible, and morally wrong. Yet, we have no idea exactly how the $850,000 paid into the Archabbot’s discretionary account was spent. Like so many things at the Archabbey, it remains a mystery.

The besmirchment of the memory of Mrs. Brownfield is sadly complete when one examines carefully the profligacy associated with the sale of her house given in good faith to the Archabbey. The attached deed records that Mrs. Brownfield paid $230,000 for the purchase of said property in 1998.

If we use the US Department of Labour Inflation Calculator, we learn the value of said property in 2012 is: $326,398.22. This begets the question how can the sale of the property for $150,000 to Bruce A. Antowiak and Barbara B. Jene be justified? Now, I am not an accountant but we are talking here about a real terms loss of: $176,398.22.

Why was Bruce A. Antowiak permitted to purchase said property so cheaply? How can the Archabbey afford, and more importantly justify selling this property at a loss in these difficult economic times?

Is the Archabbey in dire financial need? Is the Archabbey attempting to stave off bankruptcy? It must be recorded that much the needed roofing repairs to the Archabbey buildings have been postponed for no apparent reason. All the money must have been spent on the Gruber matter. How much did that cost again? How much were the legal fees of Reed Smith LLP?

One has to ask were the Archabbey auditors Parente Beard, LLC, consulted for their advice on the sale of this property? How will this transaction appear in the accounts of the Archabbey? A quick Google search shows that Parente Beard, LLC, have a close relationship with the Archabbey.

These are questions that now need to asked of Archabbot Douglas by the members of the Archabbot’s Council of Seniors when they next meet Monday, December 17, 2012.

Along with Archabbot Nowicki the membership of said council comprises of the following monks: Fr. Earl Henry (Prior); Br. Anthony Kirsch (Subprior); Fr. Edward Mazich; Fr. Philip Kanfush; Fr. Warren Murrman; Fr. David Kelly (a canon lawyer with a J.C.L.); Fr. Martin Bartel; Br. Mark Floreanini; Fr. Nathanael Polinski, Fr. Bonaventure Curtis (Secretary).

Just wondering could any of these council members be the mysterious “Randall Flag”.

James Carr

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Brownfield Deed