Regarding Brother Elliot Maloney

Brother Elliot Maloney, OSB, from Saint Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (USA) is well known professor to generations of seminarians of Saint Vincent as a rank heretic. There are no dogmas of the faith he does not relativize or trivialize. The Trinity is just “another model” of divinity; the virginity of Mary is simply a “theologoumenon”; the transubstantiation is a dated Thomist formulation; the resurrection of Christ is immaterial and non-historical; Christ’s miracles are myths etc.

Brother Elliot parties hard and drinks too much. Under the influence he manages to live a sad life of inappropriate boundary blurs with his own students and confreres. He once boasted to them of his revelries in Rio for Carnival.

As the classmate of Archabbot Douglas Nowicki, Brother Elliot is protected from the ill consequences of his misbehavior. He was formed long ago like Archabbot Douglas in the milieu of the now fallen Archbishop Rembert Weakland. Weakland’s abbatial favoritism and sexual profiling of junior monks nearly fifty years ago set a pattern of power and politics that persists until now at the Archabbey. It’s just under the surface so if you don’t want to see it you don’t have to; but once you do see it, it’s appalling how deeply engrained and active the problem is.

Brother Elliot “approaches” his students in the same impositional manner as Archabbot Douglas imposes himself on certain fair haired junior monks. If they don’t engage these leaders of the monastery and seminary in a way that placates them, they will find themselves victims of poor evaluations till they are forced out.

Most monks at Saint Vincent have a knowledge these things in nervous laughing whispers; but to their collective shame they do not have the courage to risk their Abbot’s savage displeasure by addressing it seriously.

That’s exactly how it was explained to me by three separate monks when I asked why Brother Elliott woke me up as he was pounding on Billy XXXXXX’s door in the middle of the night (on more than one occasion).

Names Provided But Withheld
June 11, 2013