Two Letters from Hemmerling (NDI)

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My job is not to work on NDI as much as it is then, to work on you! I want you to be the fittest of the fit. I want you to be the gold medalist among life’s olympians. I can want that because it is entirely possible for you to be that. YOU CAN BE A CHAMPION! You have to be a champion. We don’t take second best. We (You and I and Nak and program) are going to make sure that that happens. Aren’t we? If my success depends on your success, you had cockeyed better believe that you are going to be very, very successful! – David Hemmerling (1984) [ View letter as a PDF… Here]

Because NDI students reside in a single-sex facilities, the guys tend not to be interested in bathrobes, lounging jackets, etc. Most do not use pajamas, etc. You should abide by whatever is your personal taste in that regard. Let your home habits guide you. – David Hemmerling (1985) [ View letter as a PDF… Here]