Web Site Feedback re Archabbey’s Response

Things are not adding up.
Nowicki says it was child porn on the computer (group used) under Father Gruber’s control, but the local DA and the police say there was no child porn. If the state said there was no child porn on the computer how can the Vatican Curia say there was? It sounds like Nowicki’s influence is greater in the corrupt Curia than the civil police.

Most interesting is that in the Abbot’s letter he acknowledges that he was the object of an investigation into abuse of a junior monk in 2009 but that a Curia agency cleared him. That exoneration came he said in July, 2012. But that would mean that Nowicki remained an active priest and an abbot for years while being investigated in Rome for the abuse of a vulnerable person! That would mean that he stood for reelection as abbot during this time ! How did he manage that?

On your website are documents (documents, not hearsay) that show that the two people (Frs. Dan Ward and Timothy Kelly) who helped “clear” Nowicki before his case was appealed to Rome were themselves not only compromised by allegiance to him but profoundly implicated in their own alleged sexual abuse!  Timothy Kelly, it is important to note, conducted one investigation (without conducting a single interview) into Nowicki’s misconduct and later supervised the abbatial reelection process.

Nowicki reveals in his own letter that he simply bypassed the protocols of the church’s law and remained in office after an accusation of sexual abuse even as he manipulated corrupt church organizations to eventually cover up his crimes.

He makes this clear himself. Maybe he was too furious to write thoughtfully.

Thank you for exposing the truth!