The Judas Crisis set to mock Pope Francis

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On 14 June 2013 or shortly thereafter — unless something changes in the next few days — Pope Francis will be asked to sign a letter dismissing a friend of mine from the clerical state, though by all accounts — including, quite vociferously, that of police investigators — there is absolutely zero evidence that he has does anything wrong. Indeed, someone else confessed to the crime, and not only to the police, but also to the Roman Curia, though many, who are directly responsible for this case, have never heard of this until very, very recently. Indeed, the one who confessed was, stunningly, held up to public mockery by one of the ones delegated by the CDF to prepare this case. Imagine that, mockery of someone who is repentant and so very humble as to come forward. Such an act of charity for another at great expense to oneself is to be highly praised. But, instead, he was mocked. I don’t think such mockery is the humility called for by Pope Francis.

At any rate, the priest in question was asked some days ago by some in the Roman Curia to participate in a program which one would think to be moral, that is, if one did not know the full story. Yet, getting to know the circumstances a bit better, one knows it to be immoral, gravely so. And yet, if he does not participate in this immorality, dismissal from the clerical state is threatened. This is such a cynical ultimatum. This ultimatum truly despises the sacredness of the priesthood, holding the priesthood to be something that is be held by immoral means. But it gets worse:

The only one who can sign such a dismissal is the Holy Father, Pope Francis, himself.

But Pope Francis, of course, has not the least idea of the circumstances of this ultimatum from hell, but, if he chooses to sign it, it will indeed be his signature on the document.

Those who would like to slit the throat of this priest at any cost, will not stop at compromising the Holy Father, using Pope Francis for their own cynical ends. That some of those in the Roman Curia would willingly put the Bishop of Rome in this position is to mock the Successor of Saint Peter. This is the spirit of betrayal present among some in the Roman Curia which Pope Benedict XVI could not adequately confront due to his weakened condition. One can hear the laughter of the betrayers of Pope Francis right around the world. The very ones who are held to be heroes might well be the ones who are the most cynical of betrayers. It’s happened before, right at the beginning of The Judas Crisis, against our Lord Jesus Himself. Watch and pray!

The upstanding priest, not wanting to do something gravely immoral just to save himself in this world, would rather die than participate in grave immorality. He will, at any rate, be a priest forever in the Order of Melchizedek. The tables are turned quickly in heaven. But it does not look good for his priesthood in this world as I write this.

Mind you, those who carry very high ecclesiastical rank, and who are responsible for putting such a letter in front of Pope Francis, may not at all know the actual circumstances of such an ultimatum. I know that. They are being used as well. But would not those who prepared that ultimatum know the circumstances? If they do not, I suggest that they are so blindingly incompetent that they are to be removed from their positions, should due process in their regard suggest the same, of course.

And I do think that a full investigation of the how this case was handled is in order. It speaks of the utter disdain for justice, due process and the priesthood.

Meanwhile, the honor and integrity of His Holiness, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome and Successor of Saint Peter, Vicar of Christ on earth, is to be defended.

Pope Francis, who so very much wants to evangelize the darkest of existential peripheries, will not be happy with those who seem capable of nothing more than spreading darkness and despair, with those who can do no more than marginalize others, even the innocent, in an attempt to make themselves look good.

If there is any omertà these days, any code of silence, it is not so much any cover-up of abuse, but rather the cover-up, the silence, the mafioso like omertà in regard to the lack of due-process for priests. Such omertà makes the purveyors of this injustice into heroes as they slam down priests that they know to be innocent. They are ladder climbers and careerists of the worst sort. They are the ones who populate The Judas Crisis, who brow-beat their sycophants into paying the pizzo of a political correctness prostituted to the padrini, the godfathers, of this omertà. But they forget one thing:

Verbum Domini manet in aeternum – The Word of the Lord endures forever. And that Living Word of the Father, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Prince of the Most Profound Peace, will not be silenced. He was put to death, yes. But His very wounds will speak from His resurrected body at the Judgment of the living and the dead, for His kingdom will have no end, and there will be no place in that kingdom for those who honored omertà in any way, for those who spoke not of Jesus, but only of themselves, who, thus, as Pope Francis himself puts it, spoke for Satan, as did Judas.

Who is the priest I am speaking about? That’s not important to know right now. Don’t ask.

Those who know are very well aware of what I say. I would suggest to them — and it does seem that some in the Holy See avidly follow such posts as these on this blog — that they gaze into the eyes of someone who knew all too well that administrative moves that slit the throats of priests they know to be innocent have effect in real life, and real death. That someone is Mary Immaculate. Would they like her to ask them at the last judgment if it was really so important for them to lift themselves up by smacking others down, others they knew to be innocent?

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The Judas Crisis set to mock Pope Francis on 14 June 2013: the new *Omertà* — code of silence
June 8, 2013