Pope Confirms ‘Gay Lobby’ at Vatican

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In the days leading up to Pope Benedict XVI’s Feb. 28 resignation, Italian media were rife with reports of a “gay lobby” influencing papal decision-making and Vatican policy through blackmail, and suggestions that the scandal had led in part to Benedict’s decision to resign.

The Judas Crisis set to mock Pope Francis

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On 14 June 2013 or shortly thereafter — unless something changes in the next few days — Pope Francis will be asked to sign a letter dismissing a friend of mine from the clerical state, though by all accounts — including, quite vociferously, that of police investigators — there is absolutely zero evidence that he […]

Web Site Feedback re Dziwicz’s Visit

A certain cardinal is coming to St. Vincent Archabbey. His presence is a scandal. Pope Francis may make all the signs that he wants about reforming the church but Cardinal Angelo Sodano was standing with him when he appeared on the balcony the night he was selected. And far worse than Sodano comes now to St. […]