The Original Decree Concerning Father Mark Gruber

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DECREES that the following permanent penalties be imposed on Rev. Gruber:

1. A life of prayer and penance to be lived outside of the Archabbey of Saint Vincent, in a religious community to be determined by the Archabbot and agreed to by this Congregation;

2. The prohibition against presenting himself as a cleric in public, celebrating the sacraments in public, teaching, and contact with minors under the age of 18; he is permitted to concelebrate the Eucharist in the setting of the religious community in which he is to live;

3. Any and all use of a computer by Rev. Gruber must be monitored by the Superior of the religious community in which he resides.

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Father Mark Gruber was not notified, in writing by Abbot Douglas Nowicki, until January 10, 2012.

Father Mark Gruber appealed on March 9, 2012. [ View ]

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