Mark Gruber Chronology

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August 16, 2012

Inside Higher Ed article… “Vatican Punishes Priest and Critic of Saint Vincent Officials” [ View ]

August 16, 2012

James Carr writes an “Open Letter” to Bishop Lawrence Brandt [ View ]

August 14, 2012

Statement from Saint Vincent Archabbey [ View ]

July 2, 2012

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) issues a letter regarding their ruling in the Father Mark Gruber case. [ View ]

March 30, 2012

James Carr’s letter to Archabbot Nowicki [ View ]

March 9, 2012

Father Mark Gruber’s Appeal to the CDF [ View ]

March 7, 2012

Father Mark Gruber’s Repudiation of “Deposition” [ View ]

March 1, 2012

District Attorney John Peck wrote a letter to Reverend Msgr’s Cariglio and Polando regarding Reverend Mark Gruber. According to a source, the letter “supports several of Father Mark Gruber’s claims”. [ View ]

February 9, 2012

Father Mark Gruber’s Letter to District Attorney regarding Saint Vincent officials’ failure to report suspected child abuse [ View ]

January 10, 2012

Abbot Douglas Nowicki notifies Father Mark Gruber, in writing, of CDF’s Decree

June 30, 2011

Original Decree from CDF Issued [ View]

November 3, 2010

Father Mark Gruber dropped his defamation lawsuit against the school and diocese officials. Abbot Nowicki claimed “Father Gruber finally had to confront his egregious conduct.”  A friend of Gruber said, “Gruber dropped the suit because he was bound by the seal of confession, which prevents a priest from disclosing anything said during the sacrament of confession. A former student of Gruber’s, who taught anthropology at the college, told state police last year that he downloaded pornography on Gruber’s computer and had confessed his sin to Gruber.” [ View ]

September 7, 2010

Inside Higher Ed article… “Looking the Other Way” [ View ]

September 4, 2010

Father Mark Gruber Files Libel Lawsuit [ View ]

June 14, 2010

According to a Pennsylvania State Police report, a former student at Saint Vincent College admitted to downloading porn on the computer that was seized outside of Father Mark Gruber’s office. In a notarized deposition, the student “confessed to being the one using the computer system and viewing the child pornography.” [ View ]

August 30, 2009

Police report issued regarding Pennsylvania State Police officials seizure of a computer “in a large open room” outside Father Mark Gruber’s office. [ View ]

April 22, 2008

Inside Higher Ed article “Too Catholic, Even for Many Monks” is published. Father Mark Gruber’s quotes are critical of the administration at Saint Vincent College. [ View ]