Update on the Brownfield Estate

It must be noted that property previously registered to the late Annette C. Brownfield was recently sold for $150,000 to a Bruce A. Antowiak and Barbara B. Jene [ View ], by The Benedictine Society of Westmoreland County, affectionately known at St Vincent Archabbey.

Rev. Dr. Philip M. Kanfush, O.S.B., the Chief Financial Officer, at The Benedictine Society of Westmoreland County, holds the MBA degree from the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, University Of Pittsburgh (1991). He has also taken Advanced Studies in Accounting, at St Vincent College, (1996-1997) as set out in his 12 page Curriculum Vitae, but we do have to question his financial acumen in signing off on the sale of 1162 Sunset Drive, Latrobe, Pennsylvania to the above-mentioned parties.

Presumably this is attributable to a LACK of RECENT financial experience, on the part of Rev. Dr. Philip M. Kanfush. Otherwise, it is inexplicable that he would signed off on this sale resulting in the property being sold for such a paltry sum; incurring a loss of $115,000! [Using 2006 data].

Otherwise, Rev. Kanfush would be legitimately charged with an accusation of serious financial mismanagement and/or total incompetence bordering on recklessness. In these days, one hazards to speculate as to the justification of any action/decision taken at the Archabbey. In defense and mitigation of Rev. Kanfush egregious actions, we can only presume that he [Kanfush] was just being obedient to the Hitlerian diktats of Archautocrat Douglas R. Nowicki, otherwise this asininity is both inexcusable and deeply immoral.

The NORMS FOR FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS of the American-Cassinese Congregation of Benedictine Monasteries Approved by the 48th General Chapter,  June 18, 2004 set out the particular law that must be followed in a transaction such as this.

Therefore, it is now legitimate to ask – was the sale of the Brownfield property approved by a vote of the Conventional Chapter comprising those who hold “stability” at St Vincent Archabbey, in accordance with the Constitution of the American Cassinese Congregation and/or was the sale approved by the Archabbot’s Council of Seniors in a completely transparent manner. If not, we have another demonstrable example of Archabbot Nowicki acting ultra vires in his usual unlawfully, unilateral manner with impunity.

In this turbulent economic climate, one would have considered that retention of the property until a significant appreciation in its financial value had been realised would have been a more prudent approach to maximising the return on the assets held by the Archabbey.

The abbatial tenure of Archabbot Nowicki will result in the bankruptcy and financial relation of the Archabbey, due to his profligacy, and systemic financial mismanagement. The published accounts of St Vincent College clearly show, what an extremely precarious financial position the College currently finds itself. While we expect its precarious position will be ascribed as usual to the difficult economic climate, the reality is somewhat different, reckless stewardship overseen by the Chancellor, Douglas Nowicki.

People now cannot help but ponder – did the uncovering by the author of Archabbot Nowicki’s deposition with respect to the Annette C. Brownfield litigation; the judgment ordering the payment of $850,000 into the Archabbot’s discretionary fund result in this rapid sale of the Brownfield property. All of these documents are of public record, available to EVERYBODY at the Prothonotary Office in Greensburg.

We are wondering did the Archabbot issue a statement of account with respect to how the $850,000 was spent, once transferred into his discretionary account. Perhaps at the next meeting of the Council of Seniors, such a statement could be provided to said Council for discussion, with approval to be given for circulation to the conventional chapter.

In other words, did the “uncovering” of the documentation, cause panic, resulting in the property being sold at a significant loss in a distressed sale?

Thinking out loud, one wonders is the proud new owner Bruce A. Antowiak the same Prof. Bruce A. Antowiak, a Professor of Law, Legal Counsel, and the Director of the Criminology, Law, and Society Program at Saint Vincent College.

Was this remarkably cheap sale price, a little backhanded thank you to Bruce A. Antowiak for services rendered as legal counsel for his heroic efforts in legitimising Archabbot Nowicki’s little dystopia at the Archabbey?

Obviously, Archabbot Nowicki would have been remarkably grateful to Bruce A. Antowiak legal acumen the case dismissed against two priests of the Archabbey for sexual misconduct.

Rev. Cherry and Rev. Campbell were not delated to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in the same manner as Rev. Gruber. One can only presume, Monsignor Mark L. Bartchak, was not Archabbot Nowicki’s canonical adviser at that time.

It must be noted that Westmoreland County Judge Gary P. Caruso had initially found against Rev. Cherry and Rev. Campbell, but changed his mind on a reconsideration petition. Clearly, on the evidence presented to the court initially there was a CASE to answer. Rev. Cherry now masquerades as Archabbot Nowicki’s Master of Ceremonies at the Archabbey.

The record shows that Rev. Gruber was never arrested by Pennsylvania State Troopers, on the two occasions that the computer in the Anthropology Seminar Room at St Vincent College was forensically examined. On each occasion the investigation was reviewed by the District Attorney of Westmoreland County, Mr. John Peck, who affirmed that Rev. Gruber was completely innocent of the allegations made against him by Archabbot Nowicki.

The Rev. Gruber saga, when contrasted against the actions of Nowicki with respect to Rev. Cherry and Rev. Campbell, are yet again, demonstrable examples of hypocrisy and duplicity, which, sadly, find personification in the person of Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki.

The Archabbot should now step aside as Ordinary of the Archabbey, and delate himself to the juridical competence of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, so they can thoroughly investigate the allegations of Nowicki’s buttock pinching, groping and other unwanted sexual touching, along with Rev. Cherry and Rev. Campbell.

In addition to the allegations of sexual misconduct made against Nowicki, perhaps Archabbot, could explain and justify to the satisfaction of the new Prefect H.E. Archbishop Müller, the following:

  • why was the half a million dollar house that Fr. Senchur now owns in Cape Cod, purchased when Senchur was listed as a monk and priest in good standing with a solemn vow of poverty;
  • disprove the allegation by the production of audited financial records that the Archabbey did not pay off the mortgage on the property now owned by Senchur.

H.E. Archbishop Müller, we are sure would be delighted to hear the justification provided by Nowicki. Sadly, Archabbot Nowicki has the same credibility as an Enron balance sheet, which as we know was nothing more than a tissue of lies masquerading as the truth. Just like Enron, Douglas Nowicki, has a pathological aversion to telling the truth, which is exacerbated by his inability to take responsibility for his sexually deviant behaviour, which intends to legitimise by masquerading with the pomp and panoply of a Bishop, by wearing a mitre, carrying a Crosier, wearing both a ring and pectoral cross, when in fact he is just a priest.

We have not touched on the innumerable boundary violations committed by Rev. Deacon Edward Grinder, who has been the subject of repeated complaints at the Archabbey/College. As Grinder is a Deacon, and therefore a cleric, his action/potential delicts are subject to the juridical competence of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. One wonders, why Grinder was never ordained to the priesthood, why Archabbot Nowicki has never dilated Cherry, Campbell, and Grinder to the CDF in the same manner as Gruber? More Archabbey scandal to follow.

James Carr