Web Site Feedback re Dziwicz’s Visit

A certain cardinal is coming to St. Vincent Archabbey. His presence is a scandal.

Pope Francis may make all the signs that he wants about reforming the church but Cardinal Angelo Sodano was standing with him when he appeared on the balcony the night he was selected. And far worse than Sodano comes now to St. Vincent in the person of Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz.

Nobody doubts that Cardinal Dziwicz covered up, again and again, the most awful sins of the 20th century Catholic Church.

Fr. Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legion of Christ, molested hundreds of seminarians, had two wives simultaneously, molested his own children, and stole or misused enormous funds from thousands of people.

Fr. Marcial bribed cardinals and bishops for decades throughout the Curia. Nobody disputes these facts. The cardinal who comes to visit St. Vincent this week, a friend of Archabbot Douglas Nowicki, was the worst of Fr. Marcial’s enablers.

St. Vincent Archabbey does not need to be stained by Cardinal Dziwicz’s presence. The Archabbot ought to be more considerate of the sensibilities of students, seminarians and faculty.

Does the Archabbot really imagine that no one on campus reads any of the available current or historical resources regarding the modern church?

Web Site Feedback
April 8, 2013