O’Brien v. Nowicki (Appeal No. 12-2025)

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On Friday, June 8, a brief (attached) was filed in the case of O’Brien v. Nowicki (Appeal No. 12-2025) in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia. The case involves a clergy abuse response program operated by Saint Vincent Archabbey of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, formally known as The Benedictine Society, a […]

Dominicans Sever Ties With Saint Vincent’s Archabbey

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Please be advised that Archabbot Douglas Nowicki is now propagating the following myth around St Vincent Archabbey: the termination of this academic arrangement is attributable to the “Dominicans mislaying the paperwork” necessary for the continuance of the academic arrangement.

Letter to Members of the Council of Seniors

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The continuance in office by Archabbot Nowicki is a great scandal, and satisfies this statute from the Constitutions of the American Cassinese Congregation, which I include for the consideration of this Council.

Letter to Abbot Hugh Anderson

As outlined above these are two of the most serious allegations that can be levelled against any religious leader in the Roman Catholic Church in America. Yet they are dismissed/ignored by you; which allows Archabbot Nowicki to continue exercise of his abbatial authority with an impunity comparable to that enjoyed by Robert Mugabe. – James […]

Regarding Rev. Becket Sunchur

Bishop Coleman, enclosed is an affidavit made by Bradley J. Kraus in a private capacity positively identifying Fr. Becket G. Senchur, OSB, a monk and priest of the Archabbey of St Vincent, Latrobe, Pennsylvania taken at a gay festival celebrating leather fetishism in West Village, New York City with the photograph being viewable the Village Voice website. […]

Letter to Bishop Coleman

From his address listing, publicly available, you will be able to discern that Br. Benthall is now living in Pittsburgh. The local Ordinary, Bishop Zubic will be able to attest, whether, he has received written notification from Archabbot Nowicki that a member of the conventional chapter of St Vincent Archabbey is resident within his canonical […]

Carr Letter to Archabbot Nowicki

I want my day in court with you. By the way absolutely make sure you have the CONSENT (Douglas, I know this will be difficult because you normally act unilaterally) of the small chapter before you proceed to litigate with me, if you are going to litigation on behalf of the “Benedictine Society”. Did you […]

Fr. Gruber’s Appeal to the CDF

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The undersigned, Reverend Fr. Mark Gruber, O.S.B., hereby formally appeals against the decision of this Congregation, dated June 30, 2011, and notified to him through the offices of Archabbot, Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B. on January 12, 2012.

Fr. Mark Gruber’s Repudiation of Deposition

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The undersigned, Fr. Mark Francis Gruber, O.S.B., Ph.D., D.P.A.S., a solemnly professed monk and ordained priest with stability at St Vincent Archabbey, a constituent monastery of the American Cassinese Benedictine Congregation, do hereby formally repudiate entirely the contents of the deposition taken at the Law offices of Reed Smith in Pittsburgh, in the Commonwealth of […]

Rev. Mark Gruber’s Letter to District Attorney

District Attorney Peck, The undersigned writes to apprise you of a potential misdemeanour under Pennsylvania State Law, and by virtue of this letter of notification, wishes to ensure his personal compliance with provisions enacted under Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law (Pa. C.S. ss 6301-6319, dated May 28, 2007) [hereinafter referred to as the statute] within […]

Letter to Tobin re Nowicki’s Perceived Bribe

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The sly tone of voice combined with his unexpected and uninvited persistence in discussing Adam’s attending St. Vincent College made me suddenly aware that Nowicki never intended to discuss the copycat crime or anything else regarding the problems at Serra Catholic. My perception was that he was essentially offering me a bribe — to send […]

Did Archabbot Douglas Nowicki offer a bribe to protect Cardinal Wuerl?

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In a 2009 article (below), Mike Ference suggests that Archabbot Douglas Nowicki offered him a university scholarship for his son Adam Ference to buy his silence to protect the then Bishop of Pittsburgh, Donald Wuerl in an attempt to protect pedophiles in the Pittsburgh Diocese. Adam Ference was shot in the back of the head […]

The Original Decree Concerning Father Mark Gruber

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DECREES that the following permanent penalties be imposed on Rev. Gruber:

Suspended St. Vincent Professor Drops Suit against College

A Roman Catholic priest and professor at St. Vincent College, suspended for allegedly downloading child pornography on a school computer, has dropped a defamation lawsuit against the school and diocese officials after undergoing a nine-hour deposition by college attorneys.

Looking the Other Way

When last we left the saga of the Rev. Mark Gruber and Saint Vincent College, the monk and professor had been barred from the campus and stripped of all his duties after college officials accused him of downloading child pornography on a computer outside his office that many students and staff members used. Local police […]