Former Student Admitted to Downloading Porn

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According to a Pennsylvania State Police report dated June 14, 2010, a former student at Saint Vincent College admitted to downloading porn on the computer that was seized outside of Father Mark Gruber’s office. In a notarized deposition, the student “confessed to being the one using the computer system and viewing the child pornography.”

Police Report re Gruber (August, 2009)

Over three years ago, Pennsylvania State Police officials seized a computer “in a large open room” outside Father Mark Gruber’s office. Prior to the seizure, Father Mark Gruber was interviewed by two members of the Pennsylvania State Police. Father Mark Gruber asked that his superior, Archabbot Douglas Nowicki, be present during the interview.

Rev. Mark Gruber’s Letter to District Attorney

District Attorney Peck, The undersigned writes to apprise you of a potential misdemeanour under Pennsylvania State Law, and by virtue of this letter of notification, wishes to ensure his personal compliance with provisions enacted under Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law (Pa. C.S. ss 6301-6319, dated May 28, 2007) [hereinafter referred to as the statute] within […]