Police Report re Gruber (August, 2009)

Over three years ago, Pennsylvania State Police officials seized a computer “in a large open room” outside Father Mark Gruber’s office. Prior to the seizure, Father Mark Gruber was interviewed by two members of the Pennsylvania State Police. Father Mark Gruber asked that his superior, Archabbot Douglas Nowicki, be present during the interview.

Following an examination of the hard drive by the Pennsylvania State Police, the investigator wrote:

“After my review was complete I spoke with Cpl. LaRoche, and District Attorney John Peck concerning the investigation. I relayed my findings, and my opinion that no prosecution should be sought since I was unable to substantiate the computer had been used to view child pornography. Both of them concurred that no prosecution should be sought.”

The investigator shared the same news with officials at St. Vincent College:

“On August 4th at 1200 hours I returned to St. Vincent College and again met with Perry, Towey, Dejthai and Nowicki. At that time I relayed that a full investigation had occurred and that it was determined that no crime could be substantiated. I relayed that the investigation would be closed and that no further action would be taken by PSP. I also returned the computer system to Dejthai.”

Not satisfied with the outcome, Perry, Towey, Dejthai and/or Nowicki pressed the investigator:

“At that time I was requested to conduct further examination to determine who was looking at any pornography, as well as identify the other email accounts on the computer system.”

The investigator’s response:

“I then related that neither of those acts was a crime and therefore no further analysis would be completed.”

The next day, the investigator called Father Mark Gruber:

“On August 5 I spoke with Gruber via telephone and related that the investigation was being closed and no prosecution was being sought.”

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