Academy Gives Youths ‘New Direction’ (1988)

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“I thought it might be nice to establish a college scholarship program for kids who fall into these cracks,“ he said. Hemmerling talked to his superiors, who suggested St. Vincent as an ideal place to start such a program. Hemmerling, who would never heard of St. Vincent or Latrobe, drove to the college with $35 […]

New Direction Promotional Brochure

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The New Direction is a non-profit corporation existing to offer full educational scholarships to deserving “average” students. File Size: 11.9 Mb (22 pages) Download as a PDF… Here

Pope Confirms ‘Gay Lobby’ at Vatican

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In the days leading up to Pope Benedict XVI’s Feb. 28 resignation, Italian media were rife with reports of a “gay lobby” influencing papal decision-making and Vatican policy through blackmail, and suggestions that the scandal had led in part to Benedict’s decision to resign.

Regarding Brother Elliot Maloney

Brother Elliot Maloney, OSB, from Saint Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (USA) is well known professor to generations of seminarians of Saint Vincent as a rank heretic. There are no dogmas of the faith he does not relativize or trivialize. The Trinity is just “another model” of divinity; the virginity of Mary is simply a […]

The Judas Crisis set to mock Pope Francis

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On 14 June 2013 or shortly thereafter — unless something changes in the next few days — Pope Francis will be asked to sign a letter dismissing a friend of mine from the clerical state, though by all accounts — including, quite vociferously, that of police investigators — there is absolutely zero evidence that he […]

Feedback: St. Vincent Removed from Alum’s Will

Patrick, thank you for your e-mail dated April 25, 2013 in which you speak about the demand from SNAP for Fr. Nowicki to step down as Archabbot at St. Vincent Archabbey.  To say that I was surprised is putting it mildly.  I also read your first posting on the website regarding David Hemmerling with interest. […]

Carr Letter to Chair Donahue

14th May 2013 [Webmaster’s Note: Read this letter (and notes) as a PDF… Here ] Mr. John Christopher Donahue, Chair, Board of Directors, St. Vincent College, Latrobe C/O Federated Investors, 1001 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, United States of America. Ref: The Ms. Metzgar ‘Statement’ with respect Chancellor Nowicki’s Serious Sexual Misconduct with a student at St. […]

Regarding Father Thomas Acklin

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[Redacted] has consistently stated that Father Acklin’s touches were sexual in nature, and [redacted] and I perceive his actions as domineering and controlling, with sexual overtures. – Parishioner, August 27, 2010 “As some as you know, complaints were filed some months ago by members of the Latin Mass Community, alleging that former chaplain, Father Thomas […]

McKernan’s Response to Archabbot’s Response to Westinghouse Letter

May 2, 2013 Archabbot Douglas Nowicki, Your response [ View ] to the emails sent out by a third party [ View ] who had written for the purpose of informing alumni, faculty and student representatives about the allegations against you, and SNAP’s call for you to step down, was vicious, vindictive, unprofessional, and manipulative. […]

Carr Letter to Archbishop Chaput

Dear Archbishop Chaput, It is with some regret that I find myself in a position, that I have to email to highlight the unacceptable intransigence of our Church. In the past, you received correspondence from Mr. Patrick Marker that highlighted the serious sexual misconduct of Fr. Douglas Nowicki, the perfidious superior of St. Vincent Archabbey, […]

Archabbot’s Response to the Westinghouse Letter

Dear alumni, colleagues, students, friends: You may recently have received an e-mail [ View ] from Richard Westinghouse (or Hanson) containing defamatory, slanderous allegations against me, as Archabbot of Saint Vincent. The allegations are completely false. I want you to hear from me directly so that you can understand what is behind the vicious attack, […]

Christian Affirmation Service at Penn State (Byrne)

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Fr. Fred Byrne, the director of the Penn State Catholic Center, allowed the Catholic Center to co-sponsor a Christian Affirmation Service honoring sexual diversity. Then, after the fact, he claimed ignorance implying he had no idea that lesbian prayers praying for priests to come out of the closet along with other blasphemies would be a […]

The Westinghouse Letter

Dear fellow alumni, faculty and student representatives, Channel 11 News of Pittsburgh reported on April 24th that the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), an international organization representing the interests of clerical abuse victims, is calling for the resignation of Archabbot Nowicki, also Chancellor of St. Vincent College, due to his alleged sexual harassment […]

Calls for Nowicki to Step Down

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On April 24, 2013, Channel 11 in Pittsburgh aired this news story regarding Archabbot Douglas Nowicki from Saint Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (USA).

Victims want Catholic official to step down

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The alleged wrongdoer is St. Vincent Archabbey Archabbot Fr. Douglas Nowicki, a member of the Benedictine religious order which runs the school. The support group is called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. For immediate release: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Victims want Catholic official to step down Ex-Pittsburgh priest is accused of abusing […]