The Carr Letter; Investigation into Nowicki’s Misconduct

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St. Vincent Archabbey’s response  to an April 2, 2013 letter makes it clear that Douglas Nowicki was, in fact, under various forms of investigation concerning allegations of misconduct from some time in 2009 until July of 2012. During that time, Douglas Nowicki was reelected Archabbot, in May of 2010.

Archabbey’s Statement Regarding Allegations

The Archabbot of Saint Vincent, Right Reverend Douglas Nowicki, has been informed that you recently received a mailing [ View ] from an individual identifying himself as James Carr containing untrue, slanderous, defamatory allegations.

Web Site Feedback re Dziwicz’s Visit

A certain cardinal is coming to St. Vincent Archabbey. His presence is a scandal. Pope Francis may make all the signs that he wants about reforming the church but Cardinal Angelo Sodano was standing with him when he appeared on the balcony the night he was selected. And far worse than Sodano comes now to St. […]

David Hemmerling (Part One: 1937-1975)

Brother David Hemmerling was the founder and director of the New Direction program from approximately 1966 until 1993. During that time, the program was primarily associated with the College of Saint Scholastica (Duluth, MN), Saint Vincent College (Latrobe, PA) and Northwest Missouri State University (Maryville, MO). Over the past six months, much has been learned […]

Juvenile Court Used for Adult (New Direction)

Hemmerling was charged with inducing a scholarship recipient to come to Duluth, where, court records show, Hemmerling “did practice sodomy” on the youth. [Webmaster’s Note: The following article appeared in a Duluth (MN) area newspaper in approximately December of 1971. By that time, Brother David Hemmerling had already moved the New Direction program from Minnesota […]

Father Dan Ward and Saint Vincent Abbey

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[Webmaster’s Note: Despite a recent report to the contrary, Archabbot Nowicki’s “go to guy”, Father Dan Ward of Saint John’s Abbey in Minnesota, has been under investigation for sexual misconduct since October of 2012.]

The New Direction Program… Before SVC

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Prior to coming to Saint Vincent College with “$35 and an idea” in 1970, Brother David Hemmerling ran The New Direction program at a college in northern Minnesota.

Letter to Dr. Sturdivant

Given that the following were recipients of the email, any attempt by those named forthwith defending their failure to act is churlish and completely unacceptable. Four Local Roman Catholic Bishops: Brandt, Zubik, Waltershield, and Persico, now the Bishop of Erie; the Catholic Bishop of Richmond, Virgina, was also was a recipient, along with those specifically […]

Letter to Bishop Brandt

In undertaking these steps, you will finally comply with the dictates of the 1983 Code of Canon Law. Thereby, you can make some atonement for your lamentable, and inexplicable failure to act in the past; thereby putting vulnerable persons in the gravest of potential harm. To bring matters into perspective, in light of the scandal […]

2011 Email Regarding Saint Vincent Archabbey

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Your efforts have been brought to my attention concerning sexual misconduct by monks at Saint Vincent Archabbey. Though I am no longer a priest, having freed myself from this life to be with my true love, I frequently visited the Archabbey in the 1990s and 2000s as well.. I’ll be honest with you and say […]

Letter from Brother Norman Hipps

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January 15, 2013 Patrick Marker:

Cardinal Arinze & Archbishop Chaput to Visit

According to the 2012 edition of the Annuario Pontificio (Italian for Pontifical Yearbook), H.E. Francis Cardinal Arinze is scheduled to visit the St. Vincent’s Archabbey in April of 2013 as part of the “Year of Faith”. Cardinal Arinze will be encouraged to cancel his proposed visit until Archabbot Douglas Nowicki is held accountable for his misconduct. Archbishop Chaput, […]

Open Letter to Archbishop Gregory

Archbishop Gregory, Grace and Peace to you. I respectfully direct your attention to my previous correspondence addressed to you with respect to Archabbot Douglas Nowicki, and the lecture, which you gave at St. Vincent seminary on November 27, 2012. The significant readership of the Misconduct in Latrobe website will no doubt view said lecture with […]