Open Letter: Update on the Brownfield Estate

It is regrettable to have to highlight yet again the mismanagement of the Archabbey estate by Archabbot Nowicki. It is my understanding that many monks of the Archabbey are deeply ashamed of the unnecessary pugilistic litigation conducted by Archabbot Nowicki in the name of the Archabbey with respect to the estate of the late Annette […]

Open Letter to Archbishop Gregory

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Dear Archbishop Gregory, On November 27, you are scheduled to give the 4th annual lecture of the Saint Benedict Educational Foundation, at St Vincent College, Latrobe, at 11 am. Respectfully, are requested not to give this lecture, as your presence will further legitimise the sexual deviancy of Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, the current Archabbot of […]

Archbishop Gregory to Lecture

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Archbishop Wilton J. Gregory of the Archdiocese of Atlanta will give the fourth annual lecture of the Saint Benedict Education Foundation at Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, at 11 a.m. Tuesday, November 27, at the Fred M. Rogers Center. The public is invited to attend.

Identifying Becket Senchur

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It is often very tiresome and tedious when Nowicki loyalists, if we are being kind, or sycophants, if we are being unkind, attempt to discredit this photograph of Rev. Becket G. Senchur, who previously was a monk and priest of the Archabbey of St Vincent, by suggesting it was photoshopped. Very silly to be spreading […]

Update on the Brownfield Estate

It must be noted that property previously registered to the late Annette C. Brownfield was recently sold for $150,000 to a Bruce A. Antowiak and Barbara B. Jene [ View ], by The Benedictine Society of Westmoreland County, affectionately known at St Vincent Archabbey.

Getty Email to Recipients

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With respect to the email below from James Carr, who I do not know, I received a phone call this morning from Archabbot Nowicki, explaining that this is not the first widely-broadcast criticism by Mr. Carr.

Carr Email to Archabbot Nowicki

Archabbot Nowicki, I refer to your telephone conversation with Mr. Getty this morning, which resulted in the gentleman circulating an email to all the recipients of my previous correspondence. A copy has been forwarded to me. One can only speculate that you strenuously denied the allegations of misconduct that have been made against you.

Letter Regarding Power of 32 Steering Committee Member Douglas Nowicki

I trust result in Archabbot Nowicki being invited to step down as a member of the Steering Committee of this noble organisation until a public exoneration made by the appropriate authority, which in this case is the Congregation for Religious in Rome is publicly disseminated. H.E Archbishop Viganò, as the interlocutor of the Holy See […]

Allegations of sexual misconduct bring two monks under investigation

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Brother Aelred Senna, spokesperson for St. John’s Abbey, confirmed the investigations into [Father Mel Taylor and Father Dan Ward]. He wrote in an e-mail to the FOX 9 Investigators, “I am able to say that Saint John’s Abbey is cooperating fully with authorities in these investigations. In light of that fact, and out of respect […]

Father Dan Ward Under Investigation

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Father Dan Ward, OSB from Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota (USA) is under investigation following claims of sexual and other misconduct. The investigation was commissioned with the knowledge of Abbot John Klassen (Saint John’s Abbey and Bishop John Kinney  (Diocese of Saint Cloud). For years, Father Dan Ward has been one of the American-Cassinese […]

Letter to Persico re Nowicki Misconduct

On October 1, 2012, Archabbot Douglas Nowicki stood outside St. Peter Cathedral with newly installed Bishop Lawrence Persico. A month earlier, then Msgr. Persico met with the webmaster of this web site to discuss sexual misconduct by Archabbot Nowicki. After hearing the allegations against Nowicki, Persico commented that this type of misconduct, “is not something that […]

Nowicki Welcomes Weakland Back to the Abbey

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It has been reported that Archbishop Rembert Weakland is back on the campus of Saint Vincent’s College this week.

Mark Gruber Chronology

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August 16, 2012 Inside Higher Ed article… “Vatican Punishes Priest and Critic of Saint Vincent Officials” [ View ]

Web Site Featuring Mark Gruber

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Ten days after announcing that, “the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has issued a final decision in the case of Rev. Mark Gruber, O.S.B. This case stems from the July 2009 discovery of pornographic images on the computer assigned to Rev. Gruber by virtue of his teaching assignment,” the abbey’s web […]

Message Via Web Site #4

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I would first like to say that I have been following your website and have found your research and writings quite interesting. I appreciate you attempting to provide some sort of transperency regarding an issue very shrouded in mystery.